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“Henderson is blessed to benefit from the community service projects and programs that For Henderson supports. The good works and assistance provided by For Henderson volunteers to our community and the residents who call our city home is a heartfelt demonstration of loving your neighbor. My sincere thanks to everyone involved in this wonderful effort!”  - Mayor Debra March

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This is Teacher Appreciation Week and thanks to ForHenderson, boy am I FEELING the LOVE! The lunch spread was amazing! BBQ chicken and ribs, homemade salads, and even homemade cookies! Thanks for thinking of us! 

    Heidi Dietrich
    CT Sewell ES. 

Heidi Dietrich- CT Sewell Elementary

Henderson, NV

We had the back to school haircut event sponsored by FOR Henderson and sponsorship with Great Clips. We cannot thank you all enough for coordinating this event for our community. We had parents so grateful, some even in tears due to not being able to afford haircuts otherwise.  Thank you so so much! 

C.T. Sewell Elementary School

Henderson, NV

For the past couple months we've had to find another way to bring our daughter to school due to construction. Every day we would pass a crosswalk guard who would literally wave at EVERY single car that passed by. Even if she was chatting with someone, she would continue talking, but made sure she still waved. My husband thought of the great idea to surprise her with a gift card. My daughter made her a card that said, "Thank You" on the front and the inside said, "You are great!" and "Thank you for waving to us every day" with lots of cheery and fun stickers. We included a Target gift card and a FOR HENDERSON card. Early last week we decided to park down the street and walk so she could assist us across the street. After crossing, my daughter handed her the card and I said, "We just wanted to get you a little something special". I pointed to my FOR HENDERSON shirt and told her how we love our community and she's a special part of our community and we appreciate her waving to us everyday. Hopefully it made her day! 

Monica, Mike & Sierra Bentz

Henderson, NV

On Sunday (Jan. 27), after church Sean and I went to the store. Sean was wearing the FOR HENDERSON shirt and a homeless man named Jack was standing outside the store. Jack asked what the shirt was all about. Sean explained to Jack that we as a church are wanting to take care of our community. “BTW I am so proud of him”


In the store Sean and I put a care package together for him and gave him the FOR HENDERSON card and put the Church Address, times, and Sean's number on it. Jack called Sunday morning “Which is so cool” asking for some details in directions to the church. 

He ended up not being able to get to church but asked if there was anything he could do for US! He let us know that "we made him smile right when he needed it most."

Chelsea & Sean Perkins

Henderson, NV

I had a gift card for Albertsons and a couple of #forhenderson cards in my purse.  I prayed about who to give them to and looked behind me. In line was a gentleman who looked tired and angry. After I was done checking out I turned to him and said "here,  this is for you to use towards your groceries" and handed the cards to him.  He smiled and said "thank you" and I walked away.  It was a great feeling to know it had put a smile on his tired, weary face.

Linda Blount

Henderson, NV

The phrase "thank you for your service" has almost become trite but the message is so vital. Last week, the FOR HENDERSON challenge reminded me of the importance of that message and gave me an opportunity to sincerely express it. We were eating lunch at a local restaurant when two police officers came in to eat. We could not pick up their tab since it was a pay up front restaurant but were able to get them each a gift card and present it with the #forhenderson card. I felt like I was sincerely saying "thank you for your service!"

Bonnie Combs

Henderson, NV

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